Is High-Frequency Trading a Crime?

Last Friday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before a congressional hearing and told the congressional representatives that the Justice Department was looking into the practice of high-frequency trading to determine whether the practice violates insider trading laws.  This is an issue that the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are […]

DOJ Turns to FCPA

The Department of Justice is turning to a Watergate era statute to battle international business corruption. In 1977 the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act became law. The law responded to the fact that many companies maintained off shore funds about which they kept inadequate informaion. Investigations at the time revealed that companies used such slush funds […]

FBI Changes Tactics in Fight Against Fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a caseload of more than 2000 mortgage fraud investigations. This significant number of investigations is straining the resources of the agency. As a result, the FBI will begin fighting fraud using the techniques common to the investigation of non-white collar crime. Traditionally, the investigation of fraud and white collar […]