Is High-Frequency Trading a Crime?

Last Friday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before a congressional hearing and told the congressional representatives that the Justice Department was looking into the practice of high-frequency trading to determine whether the practice violates insider trading laws.  This is an issue that the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are […]

Too Big to Indict?

Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress earlier this month that the size of a banking firm would lead the Justice Department to refrain from bringing criminal charges against the bank.  Speaking about the banking giant HSBC among others, the Attorney General said that some of the institutions had become so large that bringing a criminal […]

Judge in Stevens Case Appoints Special Prosecutor

After excoriating Department of Justice prosecutors for their conduct in the prosecution of former Alaska senator Ted Stevens, the presiding judge, District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the alleged misconduct of the prosecutors. Earlier this week Attorney General Eric Holder had announced the dismissal charges against Stevens due to the […]

DOJ Dismiss Charges Against Former Senator

Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the government would seek to dismiss its indictment of former Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. Stevens had been convicted in the fall for making false statements on his Senate disclosure form about items of value that he had received while in the Senate. The Attorney General announced that […]