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News outlets are reporting that the U.S. Department of Justice and Bank of America are near agreement on a record civil settlement for actions arising out of the toxic mortgages, which significantly contributed to the financial crisis in the last decade.  Reports indicate that BofA will pay between $16 and $17 billion to settle investigations […]

DOJ and JP Morgan Chase Agree to $13 Billion Settlement over Mortgage Practices

The United States Department of Justice and JP Morgan Chase have agreed to a settlement of several investigations of the bank resulting from risky mortgage practices. The settlement results in fines, penalties, and monetary amounts totaling $13 billion. This is the largest settlement that a single company has ever paid to the U.S. government. The […]

DOJ and JP Morgan Chase Nearing Agreement on $13B Mortgage Fraud Penalty

Numerous reports state that the U.S. Department of Justice and JPMorgan Chase are nearing agreement on a civil settlement requiring the bank to pay $13 billion in penalties, fines, and compensation for the bank’s involvement in mortgage fraud stemming from the financial panic of 2008. The amount reportedly breaks down into three categories.  First, there […]